We Love Cities (WLC) Competition - WWF

We Love Cities, WWF’s public engagement campaign for sustainable cities will be launching on Sept 19, 2022 and run for six weeks, closing on World Cities Day – Oct 31. Over 60 cities, representing 30 countries, will participate this year. We Love Cities is a friendly competition and intended as an entry point for cities working in sustainability to strengthen their public engagement and encourage their citizens to participate in their sustainability efforts. Five of the six weeks will focus on urban sustainability themes: Week 1: Urban mobility Week 2: Food systems Week 3: Energy & Buildings Week 4: Nature Based Systems Week 5: Waste & Recycling WWF Cities would appreciate help spreading awareness of the campaign. #UrbanOctober #WorldCitiesDay #WeLoveCities @WWFCities #WWF #Cities #Sustainability #OnePlanet #CityLove #ClimateChangeAction

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Stockholm, Sweden
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