Urbanization and Citizenship post-COVID-19

Held on the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, the event will have as its theme "Reinventing public-private cooperation in post-Covid-19 urban development", promoting the debate from a perspective based on the valorization of human life, public-private cooperation, innovation, and sustainable economic development of Rio de Janeiro's favelas. The question that guides the event is: How can the experiences resulting from the pandemic provide us with a new look into the urbanization process as a tool to transform lives, eradicate poverty and guarantee citizenship? The event will be live on October 17th and will last a total of 3 hours, divided into 3 moments of debate of 1h each: Axis 01: Impacts - Cooperation and Solidarity; Axis 02: Challenges - New Look; Axis 03: Answers - Cooperation and Innovation. Each speaker will answer questions posed by the moderator, as well as those selected from the participating audience who may send them during the debate.