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Urban Tinkering

There is a demand for land for expansion thus making land a very valuable Asset. Confluencer2018 conducted a study in the peri-urban areas of Kisumu covering 14 wards under city of Kisumu found out that the number of people disposing of land has increased, as depicted by the result of the survey. 52% of respondents are ancestral owners 35% of respondents have purchased land and developed it and 13% of the respondents are tenants. This depicts a rapid change in land use in Kisumu city. This is a result of explosive population growth rates, land shortage, and enhanced migration from urban to rural areas.

This brings both positive and negative impacts, as there is a visible change from predominantly idle and rural scenes, in Kisumu which has had a major influence both on agricultural technology and domestic lifestyles. In others, increased inequalities, greater unemployment, and widespread landlessness have emerged, pollution of natural resources.
Thus the activity will focus majorly on advocating for the restoration of natural resources and promoting green talents and innovations in urban spaces. These would include clean up of parks, planting of indigenous and therapeutic trees, restoration of wetlands, and demarcation of potential man-made wetlands, marking of walkways and nonmotorized paths, evacuation of unplanned illegal dumpsites in trading centers and neighborhoods, installation of assorted litter bins, and promotion of cone-gardening in informal settlements to support households out of income due to COVID-19 and ravaging unemployment in and around the city. Others include the installation of city water resource users associations, rivers conservation, water drainages.

The culture of urban greening to enhance food systems and promotion of urban agriculture and end urban poverty will be given prominence through advocacy, demonstrations, provision of starter kits, and identification of city food champions in informal and peri-urban settlements within the City of Kisumu.

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Kisumu, Kenya
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