Urban Management Essentials: SDGs for the future

The SDGs take a systematic and engaging approach to promote action strategies in order to effectively achieve the goals. By that, it is possible to identify what is essential for urban management. The SDGs, particularly the SDGs 11 and 7, which deal with central aspects of urban management, are a guide to achieving the principles of human dignity. The concept of smart cities is a central element, as well as the need to adopt sustainable energy. The first panel is the Right to Smart Cities (solidarity and sustainable): A balance sheet of the SDGs (UN) Then, it will focus on renewable energies - SDG 7 as a transformative element of urban spaces Localising the SDGs 11 and 7 - and establishing specific actions - is essential for urban management, as well as for providing sustainable environments for future generations.For full list of speakers check: www.circuitourbano.org

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Luiza de Araujo Furiatti
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