The “Urban Fridays” are five meetings deployed within the Urban Circuit 2020 program. The purpose is promoting tools, methodologies and projects implemented by UN-Habitat offices in Brazil and in Portuguese-speaking African countries. The sessions will discuss several topics such as: map-making and data production, urban resilience, urbanization policy and financing, spatial planning frameworks and Development Plans for 2030.

The fifth meeting, known as "Urban Fridays: Supporting local governments for Sustainable Development Plans 2030", will present:

(i) Participatory Incremental Urban Planning (PIUP): a step-by-step tool to make the diagnosis, planning, operationalization and implementation of participatory planning processes in cities with limited capacities and resources; and

(ii) Public Responsibility Systems in Latin America and how the UN-Habitat supports the production of the Sustainable Development Plan for the city of Rio de Janeiro.

- Marcella Guarneri: Kick-off and facilitation (5 min)
- Thomaz Ramalho and Javier Torner: Presentation of the Participatory Incremental Urban Planning (PIUP) tool (15 min) 
- Timóteo Neves: Sustainable Development Regional Plan of Príncipe 2030 (15 min)
- José António: Sustainable Development Spatial Plan of Bissau 2030 (15 min)
- Luciana Tuszel: Location of the SDG 11 and the Sustainable Development Plan of the city of Rio de Janeiro (15 min)
- Questions & answers session (10 min)
- Wrap-up (5 min)

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