"Urban Fridays" will be five meetings held at the Urban Circuit 2020 with the purpose of disseminating tools, methodologies and projects implemented by the UN-Habitat offices in Brazil and Portuguese-speaking African Countries. The meetings will address several topics such as: mapping and data production, urban resilience, politics and financing of urbanization, spatial development frameworks and Development Plans for 2030.

The third meeting, entitled "Urban Fridays: Developing policies and mechanisms to finance urbanization", will present methodologies and experiences in analyzing the regulatory framework and challenges of urban policies for the different contexts of Portuguese-speaking countries, in addition to sharing experiences in developing policies and mechanisms to finance urbanization.

- Jeiza Barbosa: Opening and moderation (10 min)
- Thomaz Ramalho: Challenges and recommendations for urban policy in Portuguese-speaking countries (15 min)
- João Domingos: Urban and Housing Diagnostics (15 min)
- Rafael António: Basis for the elaboration of the National Policy for Spatial Planning and Urbanism (PNOTU) of Angola (15 min)
- Maria da Luz Bettencourt: Urban policies of Cape Verde: PNOTU and PNH (15 min)
- Room for the exchange of experiences from other lusophone countries (15 min)
- Questions and debates (10 min)
- Evandro Holz: Closure (5 min)