URBAN DAYS: URBACT Infoday 2022 is an event aimed at presenting the examples, challenges and opportunities linked to Sustainable Urban Development (SUD), as well as its financing. This event will present the programs and practices linked to the New Generation funds and the new European funding period 2021-2027. URBAN DAYS is an ideal framework to present the progress of the various sustainable urban development programs and as an opportunity for dialogue beyond the cities participating in the various URBACT networks. The meeting will have an interactive, practical and expository approach. A multilevel and multilateral dialogue will be established to promote the exchange of experiences, dialogue, networking and knowledge transfer between programs, cities and institutions of different scales and networks. The objective is to become a learning space open to interested cities linked both to URBACT and to the development of Local Urban Agendas or other programs and institutions dedicated to Sustainable Urban Development, such as Urban Innovative Actions (UIA), EDUSI, the New European Bauhaus or DG Regio.

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Gijón, Spain
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