TRIPLE “C” CRISES DIALOGUE – Climate, Covid-19, Conflict

UN-Habitat Vietnam wants to draw attention to growing inequalities and vulnerabilities that have been exacerbated by the triple ‘C’ crises – COVID-19, climate and conflict. Cities and local governments play a front-line role in responding to crises and emergencies as well as in planning for an inclusive, resilient, and green future. To prepare urban areas for future catastrophes, we need to start with cities. Thus, local action and local implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals are more important than ever. Objectives: Our aim is to bring experts from different sectors, from governmental agencies and cities, to discuss current challenges of climate change, Covid-19 and new global conflicts, and ways to address growing inequalities and vulnerabilities caused by triple “C” crises in their cities, including how to narrow the gaps between the urban poor, between the rural and urban areas. Keynote: 1. Climate-resilient and green urban infrastructure investment in Vietnam’s cities 2. Sustainable human settlement in Vietnam’s cities to reduce vulnerabilities of the urban poor in South-Central Vietnam. 3. Urban poverty, inequality and informality in Vietnam: a view through the lens of Covid-19 pandemic 4. A new normal of impacts and emergencies: beyond COVID-19, climate change and conflict, and urban life

Name of Organization
UN-Habitat Vietnam
Event City and Country
Hanoi, Viet Nam
Event Date