Together for a cleaner habitat

To celebrate World Habitat Day and Urban October, BG Be Active will partner with a local company, whose office is located near the riverbed of the Maritsa River in Plovdiv. The event aims to demonstrate how businesses and the civic sector can join forces to set an example and highlight the importance of taking care of the natural environment we interact with daily. To honour World Habitat day and demonstrate long-term sustainability efforts, the partnering company- Proxiad, promised to "adopt" the location, pledging to take care of it by making an effort to keep it clean and pleasant for walks after work throughout the year. The clean-up will also allow mapping the locations along the river where creative littering-prevention signs, benches for relaxation, trash cans for cigarette buds can be installed in the months after the clean-up. Plans also include planting more vegetation on the site. The event aims to encourage reflection on the current challenges the country faces with river pollution, and to demonstrate that change starts with simple actions. On a local level, the event hopes to influence the community's behaviour and attitudes towards the area.

Name of Organization
BG Be Active
Event City and Country
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Event Date