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This event is conceived to highlight the need to bridge the planning gap that exists in the inner-cities, with a particular focus on the promotion of Better Neighborhood Future. The preferred format to meet and/or exceed the teaching objectives is a Dialogue between Doumafis and Samareign who will be sharing best practices on creative change. It will be recorded for distribution within a network of creative thinkers, who are engaged in an innovative initiative to multi solve the issue of gentrification in the City of Boston, Massachusetts, United States. The research shows that Urbanization is most effective when the residents and other community stakeholders are involved in the design and planning of strategic master plan. The evidence also points out that the key to achieve residents and stakeholder buy-in of Urban Renewal is to ensure follow-up, including one on one feedback, report, and next steps. Abarigani, the sponsor of this event, shares the mission of the United Nations to eliminate poverty.

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Boston, United States of America
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