Sustainability in Urban Habitats

Housing is an integral part of urban development, and is one of the biggest factors affecting both the urban and rural regions of India. The event brings together experts, and eminent scientists from the field of architecture and planning who are dealing with the challenges and issues associated with housing situations in various parts of India. It presents a simple discussion platform for these experts to interact with an audience of planners, architects, graduate and undergraduate students of planning and architecture, who are shaping the future of India. It is envisaged to be an ‘idea’ for the present, a ‘word’ for the future, and, an ‘advice’ for the colleagues, who are working together to design and create a better environment. In line with the theme of this year’s World Habitat Day, the discussions look upon experiences from the practice and the lessons from the academia to tackle the issue of housing communities in developing economies. It presents examples of work with communities, governments, organizations, to provide an apt take on housing for all.

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Calicut, India
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