SUM Bilbao

SUM Bilbao is a meeting point for national and international leaders with the ability to have an impact on mobility. It constitutes a space to reflect and reach agreements on sustainable urban mobility, particularly in the current context of climate emergency and pandemic. In this second edition, the main challenges and opportunities for cities will be addressed in order to consolidate a more sustainable mobility. In addition, innovative solutions will be showcased enabling stakeholders throughout the sustainable urban mobility chain, from energy supply to the mobility of people and the last mile, to move forward. SUM Bilbao 21 will thus consolidate itself as an international reference that will bring together experts and public authorities, who will share sustainable mobility solutions from a local perspective in order to respond to global challenges. All of this will take place in an ideal setting in which many opportunities will arise to connect with potential partners on-line and in-person.

Event City and Country
Bilbao, Spain
Event Date