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Street Performance: Os Tr3s Porcos ('Thr3e Pigs)

The event will consist of a street performance of the play ‘Os Tr3s Porcos’ (The Thr3e Pigs) by the group A Próxima Companhia, followed by a dialogue circle moderated by the playwright and researcher Renato Mendes, featuring Luciana Bedesc, lawyer and PhD in urban planning, as well as other guests. The concept for the play came from the need to understand the city as dramaturgy, playfully and comically addressing the housing issue, real estate speculation and homelessness. Inspired by the ‘Three Little Pigs’ story, the show was designed to be performed in public squares, streets and busy areas. It introduces aspects of the SDGs in a scenic and easy way throughout the play. Then, the topics will be highlighted during a dialogue circle at the end. For full list of speakers check:

Name of Organization
A Próxima Companhia Theatre Company/ Theatre Cooperative of São Paulo
Event City and Country
Sao paulo, Brazil
Event Date