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Solid waste management chain in the metropolitan region of Cariri

This event is part of a shared event, the 4th Balanço da Rede, promoted by RESIPP Brasil. It consists of a panel on the solid waste management chain in the Metropolitan Region of Cariri (RMC), considering its social, political, and economic challenges. Over the years, the incorrect disposal and inadequate treatment of urban solid waste have caused serious environmental and health problems, such as soil and water contamination and the spread of diseases. In order to achieve sustainability for/with all people, we need to address issues such as environmental justice, environmental racism, and the feminization of poverty. The event will analyse and reflect on the solid waste management chain in the RMC and promote a discussion on the problems and challenges it faces, based on the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs.For full list of speakers check:

Name of Organization
Laboratory of Urban Studies, Sustainability and Public Policy
Event City and Country
Juazeiro do norte, Brazil
Event Date