Socio-ecological Convergence: from local co-management to policy promotion

The Socio-ecological Convergence Network brings together Brazilian researchers in different biomes. They have been meeting since 2020 to discuss socio-ecological convergences in urban projects, at community, neighbourhood, city, and region levels. Research and educational actions based on academic papers in collaboration with society and communities inspire local co-management and the promotion of public policies for urban-environmental planning. The event will present and evaluate the collaborative actions the network proposed, aiming to implement a common agenda that expands the guidelines for a socio-ecological convergence approach to Architecture, Urbanism and related areas. The evaluation will be based on the localisation of the SDGs in the work in progress, for more inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable cities and human settlements (SDG11), to reduce inequalities (SDG10) and for water sensitive cities (SDG6). The event aims to gather socio-ecological convergence experiences in projects on a local, urban and regional scale, related to Architecture-Urbanism and Health, bringing together ecological and social sciences. It is crucial to consider the 2030 Agenda with a transdisciplinary perspective of urban ecosystems to deal with the persistent social and environmental impacts in such unequal contexts of Brazilian cities. For full list of speakers check:

Name of Organization
Federal University of Bahia
Event City and Country
Salvador, Brazil
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