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Smart Cities

According to recent data from the World Bank, income inequality is typically lower in metropolitan areas in regions like Latin America. However, a lot of urban areas remain primarily economically stratified. Working-class inhabitants do not have the same access to amenities and services as wealthier ones, which results in an inequitable use of space. Smart cities can help improve living conditions for all residents. AI in smart cities gives residents a voice where they may have previously been disregarded. This is already happening in cities, where emerging technology is being used to build better social housing, reduce crime, and improve residents’ quality of life. The discussion will revolve around to address the below issues • To open a dialogue to the notion of smart cities in the Ethiopia • To open the discussion to the possibility applying smart cities in Ethiopia • To take stock of infrastructure and resources in the country to take the leap • To create institutional linkage amongst stakeholders • To have the expertise of UN-Habitat on smart cities be a force for good

Name of Organization
UN-Habitat Ethiopia
Event City and Country
Addis Ababa [Addis Ababa], Ethiopia
Event Date