Session: Digital innovation, climate change and cities

This session will explore three of the most impactful developments of our times: Climate change, urbanization and digital innovation. Cities of all sizes are growing rapidly and urban areas are responsible for around 70% of global carbon emissions. Urban inequalities are increasing with huge numbers of urban dwellers lacking access to adequate housing, basic services and civic rights. At the same time, the effects of climate change manifest themselves through more and stronger extreme weather events in all parts of the world, with the worst impacts on already marginalized communities. Cities and urban communities need to urgently find ways to reduce emissions while adapting to the effects of climate change and becoming more resilient. New technologies and the digital transformation of society can take us to the low-carbon cities that are needed, but progress is currently too slow to meet the ambitions of the Paris Climate Agreement. This session will explore how digital innovation can reduce urban carbon emissions while making our cities more resilient against the impacts of climate change, without exacerbating inequalities and marginalization.

Name of Organization
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Event City and Country
Hamburg, Germany
Event Date