Saving energy is so easy

"Whether in the newspapers, on television or in the social media, the news about the best energy-saving tips is currently overflowing. But which ones actually bring savings and where is it worth investing in the home? The answers are provided by the Mannheim Climate Protection Agency, which has designed its own exhibition in the form of a model apartment. On the occasion of the currently running Sustainability Days, the exhibition was officially opened by Environmental Mayor Prof. Dr. Diana Pretzell in Mannheim. Try out new things, have fun and be inspired sustainably: In the exhibition ""The Sustainable Show Apartment"" these three things go together perfectly. ""Sustainability in everyday life can be actively lived through many small things. Each individual can contribute to achieving our climate protection goals and at the same time save their own wallet."". On the occasion of the 10th Sustainability Days Baden-W├╝rttemberg, the agency invites to open office hours in a relaxed atmosphere on the forecourt and in the foyer of the Evening Academy. At the so-called Energy-After-Work, on Thursday, September 29, the energy consultants will be available to answer all questions about saving electricity, renovation, heating replacement, solar systems and the like. "

Name of Organization
City of Mannheim
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Mannheim, Germany
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