Sanitation in the historic cities of Minas Gerais

The Sustainability in the Historic Cities of Minas Gerais Forum will hold its 8th edition focusing on Monitoring the implementation and of the SDGs, so no one is left behind. This edition aims to contribute to the formulation and the strengthening of public policies regarding the sustainable development and the resilience of the Historic Cities of Minas Gerais. The programme will be developed based on the work carried out by the Historic Cities of Minas Gerais Observatory for Sustainable Development. It focuses on the sanitation goals in the historic cities of Ouro Preto, Mariana, Itabirito and Ouro Branco. The evaluation of sanitation in these cities has been carried out through the analysis of indicators and information found in the local traditional media and social media. These cities are part of an important mining territory in the country, afflicted by several impacts.For full list of speakers check:

Name of Organization
Federal University of Ouro Preto - Department of Urban Engineering
Event City and Country
Ouro preto, Brazil
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