The role of planning institutes in sustainable development

The event will consist of a debate featuring high-level representatives of seven Brazilian planning institutes, from all macro-regions of the country, namely: IPPUC in Curitiba, IPLANFOR in Fortaleza, IPP in Rio de Janeiro, PLANURB in Campo Grande, INCID in São Luís, IPPLAM in Maringá, and IPPUR in Redenção/PA. The debate will address the role of planning institutes in localising and implementing the 2030 Agenda in cities. Giz will present the event and the debate will be moderated by UN-Habitat and GIZ. Both will give institutional speeches at the beginning of the event, which will feature Sarah Habersack, director of urban transformation at GIZ, and Alain Grimard, Senior Human Settlements Officer at UN-Habitat. For full list of speakers check:

Name of Organization
Brazilian Planning Institutes network
Event City and Country
Brasilia, Brazil
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