Revaluing Justice for Communities in Cities

Activity Description

Under the dialogue theme of ‘Re-Valuing Justice for Communities in Cities’, the conversations will focus on two key areas:

• The Just City principles in Kenyan Cities as a foundation for increasing mobility and decreasing socio-economic inequality within urban areas

• Opportunities for drawing on community diversity to co-produce public goods in sectors such as housing and public transport and its subsequent impact on decreased vulnerability and increased resilience

The dialogues should result into a set of recommendations for re-deployment of urban community diversity to enhance the Just City Values in Kenya.

Partner Organizations

  • UN-Habitat Kenya Office
  • Civil Society Urban Development Platform
  • Naipolitans

Names and Titles of Speakers

  • Dr. Romanus Opiyo, Presenter, Institute of Development Studies, University of Nairobi
  • Jeremiah Ougo, Presenter, UN-Habitat Kenya Office
  • Prof. Alfred Omenya, Panelist, Eco-Build Africa & Just City Working Group
  • Dr. Mshai Mwangola, Panelist, Orature Collective & Just City Scenarios Building Team
  • Dr. Anne Kamau, Panelist, Kenya Transport Research Network, University of Nairobi & Socially Just Public Transport Working Group
  • Dr. Steve Ouma, Anthropologist
  • George Wasonga, Moderator, Civil Society Urban Development Platform

File/Document Repository URL

Event City and Country
Nairobi, Kenya
Event Date