In a context where more than one billion people living in poor and insecure conditions in the world today, and in light of the complexity of challenges that face human settlements' development, an integrated, interdisciplinary approach is called for to tackle its entangled existence. SCSWORLD is a group of companies founded by professional experts in various sectors and from wide range of disciplines ranging from energy, medical healthcare, strategic integrated urban planning, addressing global and country specific challenges of this century. In this webinar, SCSWORLD community will discuss how we design, build, thnink for impact.
SCSWORLD Address global and country specific challenges by combining Social responsible architecture & integrated urban planning With Advanced applications of science and technologies. We will talk and discuss practice based solutions to :
1- Improve Quality of Life
2-Increase Resilience
3-Defend Human Rights for shelter & dignified spaces.

Names and Titles of Speakers

Michel, Arditti, Founder and CEO, SCSWORLD;
Insaf Ben Othmane Hamrouni, Project VP SDG Programs, SCSWORLD