Resilience building and improving the housing conditions in peri-urban Yangon

UN-Habitat Myanmar will organize a panel discussion on "Resilience building and improving the housing conditions in peri-urban Yangon" on October 5, 2022. The discussion is a part of Urban October, a yearly event that encourages and supports activities related to sustainable urbanization and SDG 11: "to make cities inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable." This year's World Habitat Day theme is "Mind the Gap. Leave No One Behind" emphasizes the world's growing inequalities in living conditions. The impact of COVID-19 is being most devastatingly felt in the world’s urban areas. Most of the COVID-19 recommendations are almost impossible to put into practice in informal settlements where our communities live. This is because overcrowding, bad housing design, and lack of access to water, sanitation, and waste management facilities make it hard to physically or socially separate people and do simple things like washing hands regularly.  To address the poor housing design and lack of basic services in Yangon's peri-urban, a dialogue will be held between UN-Habitat Myanmar and non-profit organizations such as Doe Ein and Thant Myanmar on resilient, affordable, localization, and sustainable housing for the improvement of housing conditions in informal settlements in Yangon's peri-urban.

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Yangon, Myanmar
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