Release of report on 'Access to Land Titles', 'Poster a Day' Initiative - Awareness Posters for all 31 Days and Entitlement Drive for the Urban Homeless in Chennai

Information and Resource Centre for the Deprived Urban Communities (IRCDUC), a civil society organisation located in Chennai, India, launches the Urban October Campaign to highlight the problems of growing inequality in the urban spaces. Emphasising on the theme for the World Habitat Day (3 October 2022) for the year 2022 ‘Mind the Gap. Leave No One and No Place Behind’, IRCDUC seeks to generate awareness on the issues faced by the deprived urban communities related to access to land, housing, social entitlements, and opportunities. Through the campaign, IRCDUC seeks to - 1. Facilitate a platform to amplify the voices of the marginalised communities - Creative engagement with children in informal/low-income settlements 2. Advocate for legal and policy safeguards to protect the deprived urban communities from arbitrary eviction - Release of a report on access to land titles and dissemination of information through the 'Poster a Day' Initiative 3. Reiterate the need for adopting inclusive climate resilient strategies without displacing marginalised communities from their places of habitation - Awareness generation through the 'Poster a Day' Initiative 4. Ensure enhanced access to social entitlement by connecting people with the policy makers - Availing Government Medical Insurance for the urban homeless

Name of Organization
Information and Resource Centre for the Deprived Urban Communities (IRCDUC)
Event City and Country
Chennai, India
Event Date