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Photographic Exhibition "Pathos"

The city of Luanda is well known for its complex social and urban dynamics, full of contrasts that generally indicate the size of the inequality between places and people. The photographic exhibition “Pathos” being held by Atelier Entretons Hurbanos within the scope of “Urban October”, aims to demonstrate these differences and generate discussions that lead to the construction of inclusive and sustainable solutions. "Pathos" because it intends to present the city on a scale beyond the urban, emotionally connecting everyone with the stories that each space has to tell. "Pathos" to accelerate the process of inclusion, of connection between different places in the city, providing the chance to embrace everyone and break the visible inequalities existing in Luanda as a society. "Pathos" because it is through the feeling for the city, for the people who make it, that openings can be created for a change in the urban and social paradigm. The exhibition is composed of photographers from different contexts and areas that portray the scenario of social and urban inequality in the city of Luanda. The works are divided into three specific aspects of the map of a vulnerable urban territory: Human City, Social Prosperity and Urban Welfare.

Name of Organization
Entretons Hurbanos
Event City and Country
Luanda, Angola
Event Date