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Paseo de los Sustos

The activity is located on "El Parque Lineal Los Paseos", which is a 15 km long park that contains public plazas, sports fields, playgrounds, service modules with restrooms, and a variety of activities and events that serve more than 130,000 citizens in a 1-kilometer range, as part of our objectives to increase the social cohesion between the park, neighbors, citizens, organizations and government and to have a successful public space This activity aims to use the space as a gathering for neighbors, citizens and people who are currently developing activities on the park, such as basketball coaching, soccer tournaments, physical activations, aerobics, etc, or also a "Bazaar" formed by neighbors from the park. We are coordinating between government and citizens the development of a path of nearly 2 kilometers to locate in some strategical points a small "station" for kids to have a "trick or treat" experience; we are also including having a hand made "Altar" contest and a thematic gastronomic exhibition developed by organized neighbors "groups", and having a bit of fun having a "halloween/día de los muertos" costume contest for children and adults, including neighbors, citizens and anybody who wants to have a good time on this event.

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MERIDA, Mexico
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