Participatory and Inclusive Urban Development and Governance in the MENA Region – Insights from Egypt, Palestine, and Jordan

How can cities in the Middle East and North Africa become more inclusive and equitable as they grapple with widespread inequality, rapid population growth, disadvantaged and informal areas and sometimes even conflict and displacement? Following the new Urban Agenda, Agenda 2030 and BMZ’s declared goal to promote climate-neutral and socially just urban development (“Just Transition”), GIZ works in various countries across the region to help deliver participatory planning, improved infrastructure and service delivery and accessible public spaces. However, given the many challenges, such as the highly centralized nature of government, the lack of human and financial resources on the local level, and the often-limited space for civil participation, this is easier said than done. This session will introduce the “Participatory Infrastructure Project” (PIP) in Egypt, “E-Governance in the Palestinian Territories” (INDIGO) in Palestine, and “Improving Living Conditions of Disadvantaged Areas in Amman” in Jordan, to understand various approaches, experiences, and challenges in urban development and governance in the MENA region.

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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
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-, Egypt
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