#n’ODS | UNDO, REDO and DO NOT to achieve the Objectives of Sustainable Development

Activity Description

#n’ODS: Undo, Redo and Do Not achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Meeting of urban and territorial solutions

We are at a time of change and uncertainty with major challenges at the environmental, urban and humanitarian levels. The ODS offers a common tool to join forces and intervene in cities and the natural environment.

n’UNDO has demonstrated over the last ten years that more and better can be done by not doing, by redoing and undoing; and we know that many people and initiatives related to this positioning are providing solutions and guaranteeing economic, environmental, social and cultural sustainability.

In 2020 n’UNDO presents #n’ODS, a platform for meeting, making visible proposals and urban and territorial interventions that demonstrate that it is possible to build a future for cities by achieving the Objectives of Sustainable Development, through the n’UNDO modes of action: Not Doing, Redoing and Undoing.

#n’ODS launches an international call for projects and communications, which will be collected in the #n’ODS Cartography. Once accepted, they will be awarded the #n’ODS certificate (base level) and will be eligible for public presentation at the #n’ODS Congress in 2021.

Also, the #n’ODStudent category will be opened, which will reward the best proposals submitted by students.

by n’UNDO

Partner Organizations

  • n'UNDO
  • La Casa Encendida (La Casa ON)
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Madrid, Spain
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