National Urban Forum HIII + 5 "Meet-Up for Habitat and Sustainable Housing"

During the National Urban Forum, the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing will set a milestone, assuming the leadership of sustainable urban development, creating and strengthening multi-level and multi-actor partnerships, as well as promoting the exchange of experiences at an intergovernmental level in coordination with countries such as Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Spain. To encourage this exchange of knowledge, working groups will be held each day of the conference during which participants will have an opportunity to discuss themes such as real estate investments, public policies, housing, habitat and public space, land use and management, and financing sustainable urban development. This sixth theme will include a presentation on the Manabí Development Fund. During the working tables, participants are expected to discuss the principal challenges identified related to the topic and develop priority actions, establish a roadmap, and define the roles that different actors should assume in the situation. Participants can also expect keynote speeches from Roi Chiti (UN-Habitat), on the dimensions of the indicators for urban inclusion, followed by Alexander Jachnow (IHS Rotterdam) on public policies and urban agendas. The second day will also include another high-level panel and the confirmation of the Memorandum of Agreements with UN-Habitat.

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Quito, Ecuador
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