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National Urban Forum "Encontrémonos por el Hábitat y la Vivienda"

The NAU represents a common ideal for the transformation of cities and human settlements, constituting the roadmap for the achievement of sustainable cities and communities. In addition, Ecuador is committed to making progress towards the sustainable development goals. The Government of Ecuador, with the leadership of President Guillermo Lasso, seeks to achieve cities and human settlements where all people can enjoy equal rights and opportunities, that is, "where no one or no place is left behind". This commitment is based on the articulation and construction of agreements, together with the different sectors, to generate a roadmap with specific goals and actions, which also promotes co-responsibility. That is why MIDUVI as the governing body of habitat and housing, has promoted the participatory formulation of the National Urban Policy in response to the various challenges that arise within the cities and communities of the country. The NUF 2022 "Encontrémonos por el Habitat y la Vivienda" will be the space for the consolidation of the NUP, as it is conceived as a space for dialogue and exchange, and the articulation towards the generation of agreements, follow-up of global and national commitments for the implementation of public policy on habitat and housing.

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Quito, Ecuador
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