Mwanza - Tampere Twinning Project: Kick-off workshop

The city of Tampere (Finland) and Mwanza (Tanzania) have established a two-way collaboration to advance on the implementation of the SDGs in their territories and monitor the progress through the development of VLRs. The collaboration between the two cities is coordinated by UN-Habitat, which facilitates peer-learning and experience sharing between cities on SDG localization. The kick-off workshop will take place in Tampere and will review Tampere and UN-Habitat’s VLR methodology, which will serve as the model for the VLR process in Mwanza. The discussion will be built on the ideas shared during the VLR workshop held in Helsinki. The exchange of these methodologies and approaches will serve as a departure point to draft the methodology that will guide the VLR process in Mwanza. The meeting will take place in hybrid modality and will gathered the different partners conforming the Working Group. The workshop aims to present the workplan and timeline of the Tampere-Mwanza Twinning Project.

Name of Organization
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UN-Habitat, Kenya
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