Based on the concept of having “Health in All Policies” as a reference, this webinar will focus on the opportunities created by the COVID-19 pandemic, considering the relations between the use of active means of transport and its impacts on health, urban mobility and the environment. Within this context, we will highlight the importance of creating and consolidating a multisectoral agenda of research and advocacy, which should present new guidelines for transportation, urban design and health systems in the post-pandemic world.

The event will have the format of a webinar, with the participation of a moderator and four panelists. Among the guest speakers, one of them is foreigner. With diversified visions and backgrounds, we will have the presence of an urban planner, a cardiologist, a biologist and researchers in the field of Physical Activity Sciences and Public Health, for an insightful debate based on different perspectives and diverse knowledge on the same theme: the active mobility.

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