Serra de Teixeira, located in the Paraíba hinterland, is a region that has relevant production of manioc flour through local communities. Such production takes place in Flour Houses. Some of these facilities lack adequate structure and waste management. In view of this need, the model offices CACTUS/Princesa Isabel and CACTUS/Cajazeiras, structured with multidisciplinary team, have developed works aimed at improving the conditions of these spaces and reducing the environmental impact of the residues generated in the production of flour. This event aims to present actions already carried out and under development by extension workers, from a discussion that covers sustainable development, the living conditions of the community involved and safety at work, especially with regard to the post-COVID- 19 context. With this, it seeks to debate and emphasize the role of the Model Office for the development of social responsibility and autonomy of students, aiming at the social and economic transformation of the region from local agents. 

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