Mind the Gap. Going for the world where no one is left behind

we have a plan to hold the world habitat day event which will be invited two guest speakers; one is the President and Representative director, Sunday Morning Factory, solving women's poverty and child labor problems through sewing in Bangladesh, a member of BORDERLESS JAPAN CORPORATION, social business company and the other is a member of issue+design, nonprofit organization acting for fulfillment of the society where people can live in peace and solution for social issues by citizen’s creativity virtually on 3 October. The theme is “Mind the Gap. Going for the world where no one is left behind”. They will give presentations for us about their activity, view and thought on people left behind. Through this event, we would like to provide you, for example, local government, companies civil society and citizens, the opportunity to think about people and places left behind and what they can do for those who are left behind.

Name of Organization
Event City and Country
Fukuoka, Japan
Event Date