Activity Description

The Pacific Partnership for the New Urban Agenda presents: Local Economic Development in the Pacific Islands - Framework for a Blue and Green Economy

Supporting local government to shape and create enabling environments for Local Economic Development (LED) is essential to achieving the SDGs and Pacific New Urban Agenda. This webinar will share the key outcomes and best practices from action-based LED training piloted by local governments in Kiribati, the Cook Islands and the Marshall Islands. Hearing from local Pacific partners, participants will discuss pathways to strengthen local government associations and authorities and how to support community engagement.

This webinar is also the first event of the Pacific Partnership for the New Urban Agenda (PP-NUA). This new partnership brings together 8 key Pacific development and research organisations to enhance cooperation and accelerate the implementation of the Pacific New Urban Agenda. Partners represent over 30 active urban development projects and are committed to achieving a shared vision of sustainable cities across the Pacific region.

Partner Organizations

  • CLGF Pacific
  • EAROPH Australia
  • ICLEI Oceania
  • UN Habitat
  • University of Melbourne
  • Kiribati Local Government Association
  • Marshall Island Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Cook Island Office of the Prime Minister
  • Delegation of the European Union for the Pacific

Names and Titles of Speakers

  • Alexei, Trundle, Research Fellow in Sustainable Urban Development, University of Melbourne
  • Jane, Stanley, President, EAROPH Australia
  • Rikiaua, Takeke, CEO, Kiribati Local Government Association
  • Mia, Tearuima, Director of Island Governance, Office of the Prime Minister - Cook Islands
  • Bernhard Barth, Human Settlements Officer, UN-Habitat ROAP
  • Karibaiti, Taoaba, Regional Director, CLGF Pacific
  • Wallace, Peter, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Internal Affairs - Marshall Islands
  • Steve, Gawler, Regional Director, ICLEI Oceania
  • Luis, de Torres Bonaechae, National Resources and Governance Programme Manager, Delegation of the European Union for the Pacific

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