The international meeting aims at starting a political engagement process towards a joint Global Action Plan Framework for Transforming Informal Settlements and Slums globally. The International Meeting leverages the momentum of the Urban October and the preparation process for the UN-Habitat Assembly in June 2023. The Government of South Africa would like to invite key partners to jointly develop a roadmap with the objective of formulating a resolution in support of a Global Action Plan Framework. The Government of South Africa championed the issue of informal settlements during the Habitat III process and conducted, with UN-Habitat’s support, the Thematic Meeting on Informal Settlements. Since then, the Government of South Africa, UN-Habitat and the SiSnet have jointly conducted global policy conferences, thematic sessions, expert meetings and other events together informing policy directions, knowledge products and tool formulation. The Global Action Plan Framework is informed by the co-creation of a global publication in search of solutions to the challenges of informal settlements and slums. The publication provides a snapshot of the current global status quo of slums and informal settlements, reflects on lessons learnt in the past 20 years and identifies sustainable and inclusive solutions for transforming informal settlements and slums.

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Pretoria, South Africa
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