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Introducing bnature

Bringing the community together to introduce Bahrain's first online environmental encyclopedia which collects credible and updated information about Bahrain's environment through connecting the dots, linking people, sharing information, knowledge transfer; thus, increasing public knowledge and spreading awareness. The encyclopedia holds diverse environmental information ranging from the country’s physical characteristics, biodiversity, habitats, national legislation, publications and much more! bnature's concept lies in credibility and "for the people, by the people". This encyclopedia is open for the public from various fields to contribute their knowledge and findings, opening the door in Urban October and World Habitat Day to: - Introduce Bahrain's first online environment encyclopedia - Discuss Bahrain's ecosystem diversity - Encourage discussions on local environment-related issues - Promote ways of protecting Bahrain's local environment on an individual and collectives scale

Name of Organization
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Sanad, Bahrain
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