Integration of Venezuelan and Ecuadorian communities through mingas and artistical activities

Provide an adequate physical space in good condition to be a meeting place for the development of activities for the integration of children, adults, LGBTIQ+ population and population in general, which is part of the Venezuelan community and the host community that comes to this neighbourhood house. It is important that Primero de Agosto Neighbourhood, gets an infrastructure that provides a warmth and secured environment and that the use of the internal and external physical spaces of the neighbourhood house can be organized by the directive, to promote cultural integration fairs; health and environmental fairs; training activities. Some of these activities may be managed through the Inclusive Cities Project in Quito or developed directly by the board that manages the infrastructure. This space will respond in a differentiated way to the needs of Venezuelan refugee and migrant communities to promote their effective integration and will become spaces for citizen participation and the co-creation of actions to improve their living conditions.

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Quito, Ecuador
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