By describing a process and global movement that harnesses the potential of cities to drive global SDG achievement, the Session aims to provide guidance to cities on how they can accelerate SDG achievement. It will encourage cities and urban practitioners to engage in VLR and the SDG Cities initiative, in order to drive the change urgently needed in this Decade of Action to ensure SDG achievement and an improved quality of life for all in an urbanizing world.

Expected Outcomes
• Members of the U20 Mayors Summit are encouraged to develop VLRs and engaged in the SDG Cities Global Initiative
• The U20 Mayors Summit supports the global urban monitoring framework and champions the SDG Cities Global Initiative.

Format of the session

Organized virtually, the session will start with opening remarks by high-level UN representatives followed by a moderated discussion with inputs from representatives of cities, IFIs and development partners to reflect on the following:
1. Experience of cities in preparing VLRs: How the VLR process has helped these cities identify priority actions for 2030
2. Significance of a Global Urban Monitoring framework: Reflections on the work initiated by the city of Madrid and UN-Habitat and its relationship with VLRs and the SDG Cities Global Initiative
3. SDG Cities Global Initiative: The potential of he Initiative and ideas from its implementation in the region through Arab Cities without Slums