Since March 2020, the Government of Mozambique and under the initiative of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) has created an Urban Task Force. Its main assignments are to fight against the COVID-19 in urban areas of Mozambique, to support local governments with solutions for cities and “informal” settlements, promote the exchange of good practices and lessons learned, and improve, together with municipalities and the central Government, the coordination of the activities to fight the pandemic.

A platform is coordinated by Ministries and Institutions of the Central Government (Ministry of State Administration and Public Service [MAEFP], Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources [MOPHRH], Ministry of Land and Environment [MITA], National Institute for Disaster Management [INGC], National Association of Municipalities of Mozambique [ANAMM]) and it includes the participation of several government and municipal entities and cooperation partners.
In the context of the Urban Task Force, many municipalities presented several experiences and good practices related to prevention activities to COVID-19 in the field of public transportation, as well as several initiatives to strengthen risk communication and community engagement and access to water, hygiene and sanitation in this field, as well as to ensure social distance.
The webinar's main objective is to discuss and present to the audience, both nationally and internationally, good practices, experiences and challenges of the Municipalities of the Maputo Metropolitan Area regarding measures to prevent and respond to COVID-19 in the context of public transportation..

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