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Food security and urban Challenges

Tunisia is among the 5 MENA countries hardest hit by the Russian-Ukrainian war. Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, and Tunisia will be the hardest hit by the economic fallout of the conflict, as their net food and energy imports account for between 4 and 17 percent of their GDP and they source much of their grain from Russia and Ukraine. More than half of Tunisia's grain imports depend on Ukraine and Russia (+53%). As a result, there is growing concern about the risks that the prolonged war in Ukraine will have on wheat and barley supplies. In recent years, the annual consumption of cereals by Tunisians amounts to over 3.4 million tons, distributed as follows: 1.2 mt for durum wheat, 1.2 mt for soft wheat and 1 mt for barley. 3 regional workshops will be organised to discuss the crisis with the Municipalities and to present some urban solutions already discussed in the Food systems Summit of the SG : the workshop will invite 100 representatives of the deconcentrated and decentralized services of the following structures and it will be broadcasted in live streaming through the web to allow other participants to take part in it.

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TUNIS, Tunisia
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