EntreConversas: art, science and technology for a sustainable world

The panel “EntreConversas: The Sounds around” is part of the EntreConversas series of events, organised annually by LabInter/PPGART/UFSM. It follows the theme “Mind the Gap: Leave No One and No Place Behind", as it seeks to improve life in cities through actions that include vulnerable communities; that promote urban and rural appropriation by the citizens; that integrate virtual and physical reality through collective and collaborative proposals; that help reducing inequalities, among other factors. The event will present current research carried out at Labinter (https://www.ufsm.br/laboratorios/labinter/) that focus on promoting alternative ways to deal with information and communication, perceptual shifts and new collaborative structures for network production.For full list of speakers check: www.circuitourbano.org

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Andreia Machado Oliveira
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