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As a cosmopolitan, multicultural city, Mannheim offers diverse lifestyles and exciting biographies. And it shows that there are also commonalities in diversity. On September 30, we celebrate cultural and social diversity in the square city! With around 80 events from over 100 participating individual organizers, the einander.Aktionstage in Mannheim offer a diverse and varied program around the theme of ""living together in diversity"" for four weeks. Film screenings, lectures, workshops, exhibitions, concerts, theater productions, encounter festivals and other activities in public spaces - this variety of formats offers all citizens of Mannheim the opportunity to inform themselves about socio-politically relevant topics, to get to know each other, to exchange ideas and to become active together. The coexistence of the residents is characterized by the different perspectives and experiences of the people living here - be it. Diversity can mean enrichment, but also uncertainty and irritation, which can lead to isolation, exclusion and also violence. In Mannheim, a large number of institutions, groups and actors are committed to a successful coexistence that is characterized by openness and mutual recognition. There are many people who are committed to the recognition of diversity!

Name of Organization
City of Mannheim
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Mannheim, Germany
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