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Drive #WithoutWaste

Driving #WithoutWaste is our campaign aiming to nudge Bulgarian drivers to stop littering while driving by throwing small litter - such as coffee cups, cigaret buds, and packaging - out of the window. The initiative will take place simultaneously in three cities - Plovdiv, Sofia, and Varna during rush hour on the busiest city roadс. During the activation, we will have an art installation and mime performance expressing through art the sometimes automatics way drivers litter the public realm. We will also have volunteers distributing a #withoutwaste pack of pocket ashtrays, car waste collection bags, and responsible driver's badge - Driver#WithoutWaste! Driving #WithoutWaste is part of our bigger program - Partnership for WasteFree and Beautiful Bulgaria;

Name of Organization
BG Be Active Association
Event City and Country
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Event Date