Digitalizing informal transport in the Global South

The Global South is the most rapidly urbanizing region in the world. Cities are growing in density, and in size, pressuring urban services such as transportation networks. Consequently, citizens suffer from growing insufficient and non-reliable transport options, commonly mixing formal and informal operators. Inefficient transportation systems encourage car ownership. More vehicle owners mean more vehicles on roads, challenging road capacity. Cities get paralyzed and face rising pollution. Digital tools such as Trip Planner apps can be used to optimize transportation systems with the purpose of providing citizens with transport information enabling them better planning their trips and improving their travel experience. Trip Planner apps are multiplying around the world, aggregating data coming from various transport operators. However, where transport networks stay mostly informal, aggregating data is not sufficient and often not possible – there is little or no data. In this webinar, we will present how to generate digital tools enabling mapping of every type of network including informal through the power of the local community. We will also present the benefits of digitizing Public Transport networks and providing the citizens with a reliable Trip Planner app in the Global South.

Name of Organization
Trufi Association
Event City and Country
Hamburg, Germany
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