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Diálogos Project - Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The Diálogos Project is an event held 4 times a year, developed by the Municipal Environment and Urban Planning Agency (PLANURB), which consists of presentations and discussions on emerging environmental issues, aiming to promote knowledge and discussion about these topics. This edition of the Diálogos Project – “Diálogo de Primavera” will focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The event will feature a representative from an educational institution, to discuss the concepts of the SDGs; a UN-Habitat representative, to discuss how the SDGs are addressed on a national level; a representative from the Municipality of Campo Grande (PMCG), to discuss the actions developed by the municipality regarding the SDGs. The event will be held virtually, and livestreamed on the UN-Habitat channel, as well as on the Environmental Education channel PLANURB CG; so that a greater number of participants can join the event. For full list of speakers check:

Name of Organization
Municipal Environment and Urban Planning Agency (PLANURB)
Event City and Country
Campo grande, Brazil
Event Date