Daring Cities 2021

Created by ICLEI and the Federal City of Bonn, Daring Cities is a virtual, action-oriented forum to recognize and empower courageous urban leaders – including mayors, technical staff, researchers, private sector representatives, and community organizers – to disrupt business-as-usual and adopt business-as-possible. Daring Cities showcases exemplary local climate action to tackle the climate emergency, including ambitious resilience-building and climate mitigation efforts. The Daring Cities 2021 global virtual forum will take place between 4-8 October 2021 and is comprised of high-level and visionary speakers, informative workshops and personal networking opportunities. The event will help to set the course to COP26 and beyond. Daring Cities 2021 has three key approaches: 1. Know: Presenting the most cutting-edge research and information on climate change and its impact on cities, including health. These discussions will further support the IPCC Cities Research Agenda and the IPBES process. 2. Act: Showcasing exemplary local climate action from around the world in addressing the climate emergency, from adaptive and resilience-building measures to climate change mitigation efforts. 3. Lead: Facilitating action-oriented discussions with key global partners, including the UNFCCC and COP Presidencies, on delivering the Paris Agreement through collaborative, multilevel action, while highlighting implementation and finance.

Event City and Country
Bonn, Germany
Event Date