Composting for Beginners: Where to Start?

É de Sol Compostagem is a climate startup based in Teresina, Piauí. In 2021, it became a pioneer in collecting and composting organic waste services. It has composted over 10 tons of organic waste, which reduced the local CO2 emission by 8.3 tons. After a year, we feel confident in sharing what we learned. We want to introduce composting to those who have never heard of the practice, to those who have heard of it but don't know where to start, and to those who have already started but still have doubts. We want to encourage home composting by teaching how to build a compost bin. We will present the necessary materials, the most used techniques, the necessary assembly and operation process and the expected challenges. We will also share our experience as a startup and showcase the green job creation opportunities that composting offers.For full list of speakers check:

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Mariana Costa Marques Fiuza
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