Celebration 100 years of the Valuation Contribution Law in Colombia

Promote public debate on financing alternatives for the development of cities in Latin America and the Caribbean, specifically in relation to land value-based financing instruments and rent capture for the benefit of the city. The events are aimed at national and local governments, educational institutions with an interest in urban planning and development issues, political organizations, real estate development, local financial institutions and construction associations; and will have the participaction of a panel of experts from the public, private and academic sectors, in order to to discuss city financing from the perspective of the New Urban Agenda. The presentations will address conceptual frameworks and Latin American experiences, especially from Andean countries such as Ecuador and Colombia; the approaches and proposals for planning and financing figures, such as Integral Urban Operations, and will include a panel of experts who will delve into the analysis of the challenges and opportunities of implementing projects with NUA criteria and mechanisms to achieve the recovery of capital gains.

Name of Organization
UN-Habitat Andean Countries
Event City and Country
Bogotá, Colombia
Event Date