Cairo Road: Architecture and Urbanism

A two-phase project that explores the architecture and urbanism of Cairo Road, one of the oldest streets in Lusaka. Focusing on the history, present, and future of this street as the heart of the city. Phase One: An in-person community tour and accompanying research publication to be published by October 15 for Urban October, highlighting the history of the street and its current status. Phase One will also include media appearances and promoting the importance of the history of Lusaka's urbanism on TV and Radio. The tour will include communities, representatives of the government, the private sector, and civil society. Phase Two: Convening the stakeholders gathered in Phase One to reimagine the future of Cairo Road and public space in Lusaka generally and to develop an actionable plan to implement this new future. Phase Two will focus on remaining the future of the street into a more human-centric design as the heart of the city and a example for the rest of the city development.

Name of Organization
Charter Cities Institute
Event City and Country
Lusaka, Zambia
Event Date